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The time now is Fri May 25, 2018 11:47 am
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Smiley Image File
Smiley Code
tonguelashing [smilie=aetsch013.gif] or tp(( clapper [smilie=aktion033.gif] or aa)
coolie [smilie=cool008.gif] or 098)) daman [smilie=emma_adam1.gif] or ada)
nekedgirl [smilie=emma_eva1.gif] or ee000) cheers [smilie=ernaehrung004.gif] or 3333ch
clueless [smilie=fragend005.gif] or ac) booger [smilie=grinser010.gif] or ii998)
Twisted Evil [smilie=icon_twisted.gif] or :twisted: headbanger [smilie=party-smiley-043.gif] or hh)
Sniper [smilie=violent-smiley-007.gif] or sn))(( gunner [smilie=violent-smiley-035.gif] or 8765(((
You_Rock_Emoticon [smilie=you_rock_emoticon.gif] 003 [smilie=003.gif]
005 [smilie=005.gif] 006 [smilie=006.gif]
008 [smilie=008.gif] 012 meh
014 [smilie=014.gif] 015 [smilie=015.gif]
017 [smilie=017.gif] 018 [smilie=018.gif]
019 [smilie=019.gif] 020 [smilie=020.gif]
021 [smilie=021.gif] 023 [smilie=023.gif]
030 [smilie=030.gif] 033 [smilie=033.gif]
034 [smilie=034.gif] 035 [smilie=035.gif]
037 [smilie=037.gif] 039 [smilie=039.gif]
043 [smilie=043.gif] 046 [smilie=046.gif]
058 [smilie=058.gif] 064 [smilie=064.gif]
066 [smilie=066.gif] 075 [smilie=075.gif]
078 [smilie=078.gif] 090 [smilie=090.gif]
098 [smilie=098.gif] grill [smilie=103.gif] or I*</_p
104 [smilie=104.gif] 105 [smilie=105.gif]
boot [smilie=106.gif] or lo*/:: 111 [smilie=111.gif]
113 [smilie=113.gif] 114 [smilie=114.gif]
allied-li-kill [smilie=allied-li-kill.gif] allied-med-kill [smilie=allied-med-kill.gif]
axis-li-kill [smilie=axis-li-kill.gif] banghead [smilie=banghead.gif]
Banned_Emoticon [smilie=banned_emoticon.gif] bates [smilie=bates.gif]
bike [smilie=bike.gif] birthday [smilie=birthday.gif]
blowjob [smilie=blowjob.gif] bongsmi [smilie=bongsmi.gif]
breakcomp [smilie=breakcomp.gif] character0029 [smilie=character0029.gif]
computer [smilie=computer.gif] dink [smilie=dink.gif]
doinit [smilie=doinit.gif] duh [smilie=duh.gif]
ecomcity [smilie=ecomcity.gif] eusa_clap [smilie=eusa_clap.gif]
eusa_dance [smilie=eusa_dance.gif] eusa_doh [smilie=eusa_doh.gif]
fart [smilie=fart.gif] fighting0024 [smilie=fighting0024.gif]
fighting0056 [smilie=fighting0056.gif] fighting0065 [smilie=fighting0065.gif]
fighting0085 [smilie=fighting0085.gif] Gay [smilie=gay.gif]
gaycamper [smilie=gaycamper.gif] horsehockey [smilie=horsehockey.gif]
Humping_Emoticon [smilie=humping_emoticon.gif] iagree [smilie=iagree.gif]
icon_butt [smilie=icon_butt.gif] icon_hang [smilie=icon_hang.gif]
icon_jook [smilie=icon_jook.gif] icon_pidu [smilie=icon_pidu.gif]
icon_pray [smilie=icon_pray.gif] icon_weed [smilie=icon_weed.gif]
iroc-cop [smilie=iroc-cop.gif] kissmyarse [smilie=kissmyarse.gif]
knob [smilie=knob.gif] lol_hitting [smilie=lol_hitting.gif]
lowblow [smilie=lowblow.gif] mad0245 [smilie=mad0245.gif]
nadkick [smilie=nadkick.gif] party0023 [smilie=party0023.gif]
party0036 [smilie=party0036.gif] party0053 [smilie=party0053.gif]
PDT_Armataz_01_37 [smilie=pdt_armataz_01_37.gif] pics [pics] or ><M&^%
givbeer [beer] or U%|}?> party [party]
SandraR [smilie=sandrar.gif] sick0010 [smilie=sick0010.gif]
sign0004 [smilie=sign0004.gif] sign0023 [smilie=sign0023.gif]
sign0024 [smilie=sign0024.gif] sign0065 [smilie=sign0065.gif]
sign0066 [smilie=sign0066.gif] sign0069 [smilie=sign0069.gif]
sign0081 [smilie=sign0081.gif] sign0085 [smilie=sign0085.gif]
sign0090 [smilie=sign0090.gif] :admin: [admin]
sign0098 [smilie=sign0098.gif] sign0099 [smilie=sign0099.gif]
sign0103 [smilie=sign0103.gif] sign0104 [smilie=sign0104.gif]
sign0135 [smilie=sign0135.gif] sign0137 [smilie=sign0137.gif]
sign0144 [smilie=sign0144.gif] sign0151 [smilie=sign0151.gif]
sign0187 [smilie=sign0187.gif] smbadger!! [smilie=smbadger!!.gif]
smileysex5 [smilie=smileysex5.gif] spam1 [smilie=spam1.gif]
spam [smilie=spam.gif] steeringwheel [smilie=steeringwheel.gif]
stfu [smilie=stfu.gif] stupid [smilie=stupid.gif]
99.gif 99.gif 98.gif 98.gif
tool [smilie=tool.gif] uglystupid [smilie=uglystupid.gif]
whipbadger [smilie=whipbadger.gif] Whippin_Emoticon [smilie=whippin_emoticon.gif]
Woot_Emoticon [smilie=woot_emoticon.gif] Xrated [smilie=xrated.gif]
:anal: Very Happy :D or :-D or :grin:
Smile :) or :-) or :smile: Sad :( or :-( or :sad:
Surprised :o or :-o or :eek: Shocked 8O or 8-O or :shock:
Confused :? or :-? or :???: Cool 8) or 8-) or :cool:
Laughing :lol: Mad :x or :-x or :mad:
Razz :P or :-P or :razz: Embarassed :oops:
Crying or Very sad :cry: Evil or Very Mad :evil:
Rolling Eyes :roll: Wink :wink: or ;) or ;-)
Exclamation :!: Question :?:
Idea :idea: Arrow :arrow:
Neutral :| or :-| or :neutral: Mr. Green :mrgreen:
loveya ab) goober bbn)
Whoaaa ppr( haha 1234((
guitar 666(( gatlin 0956(
devil nerd tt556) crybaby 8987((
angel 3322)) pissed 4455()
hi5 5m^1 yehaw *$ew
laffn 6^^2a teeth aha$a
friends 8a#a! ang3 +_ft1
valen =*ss cryb !!~ki
damnit %%##d grrr -*(mm
OYEA 0*_kr chillin c^hI+
shucks p{{0t nana }P)n<
fatso ??>y3 snivler >?M$s
conive MN*,,e luvya <KI*/a
screamr TR%.> laff3 Kk&.<
sneaki <@@f! hairpull 88.,<>T
compsmash *Jjs: cool8 *&||]d
hellno =_*ux weehee Ku^,::
ho 7^,.<u humm &&+_;o
confuse3 IA$|{ ogod ^BGt#a
tonguen _)n^t bossuks jjz98z./
sshh 8&t":{ boring5 7%gt|?
cool9 fgs%{|| uhOK |}{Pfd
cool54 n|o}_9 pissdd ii{:>8s
WTF wtf

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